The Victorian Owners Association is made of a condo owners and a governing board. The Board of Directors is required by the By-Laws to meet at least four (4) times during the fiscal year. One of these meetings can be the Victorian Owners Association (VOA) Annual Meeting held during the first quarter of the calendar year. Texas law requires all Board of Directors meetings be open to all members of the VOA (but Directors can retire from an open meeting to Executive Session).

Typically, the VOA Board of Directors meets monthly. Notice of each meeting is posted on this site on the “Owners” and Email notifications are sent to email addresses provided by owners. If you are not getting notices please email us so that the owners directory can be updated.

Meeting agendas and minutes of past meetings are posted on this Website in the “Protected Owners” section (password needed), under the “Owners” subheading, under “Owners & Renters”. The documents “By-Laws of Victorian Owners Association, Inc.” and the “Condominium Declaration for the Victorian”, newsletters, as well many other useful documents can be found in this section of the Website.